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Silica fiber

        Silica fiber is a kind of high-purity silicon dioxide amorphous continuous fiber with more than 95% SiO2 content. It has continuous temperature resistance of 1000 and short-term temperature resistance of 1400 . It does not contain any asbestos or ceramic cotton and is completely harmless to health.

Silica fiber products can maintain good strength and elasticity for a long time at 800 . It is an effective heat barrier for ultra-high temperature heat flow and jet flame, and a reliable protective device for personnel and facilities. It has low thermal conductivity, good resistance to high thermal shock, inert to most chemicals, and good resistance to high temperature compounds, corrosive minerals and weak alkaline molten alloys Good corrosion resistance, in high heat, strong radiation conditions normal continuous work.

Performance characteristics

●The softening point is close to 1700 and can be used at 800 for a long time.

●Good stability in organic and inorganic acids (except hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid), even at high temperature and weak base.

●Thermal shock resistance and good electrical insulation performance.

●Good adhesion with high temperature adhesive.

●It is resistant to humidity, sunlight radiation and earthquake, and can be used for various sealing materials.

●The structure and performance are stable. It can keep softness under many high temperature conditions and has no harm to human body.

●High fireproof temperature, no oxidation when burning in gasoline.

●Good wear resistance and insulation performance.



        Silica products are widely used in spacecraft thermal ablation materials, high temperature insulator, high temperature gas dust collection, liquid filtration, metal dissolution filtration, purification and other aspects, and have a very broad application prospect and huge market potential.

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